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Services we offer


  • Reference board selection
  • IP Micro architecture design and FPGA (RTL) implementation
  • Board bringup and BSP development
  • Operating system bringup
  • Design and verification tests for IPs (custom/third party)


  • BSP Development
  • Bootloader design, development and customization
  • Diagnostic test suite design and implementation
  • Operating system selection, bringup and driver development
  • ROM design and implementation


  • Device driver design and implementation
  • Functional, compliance and performance tests for hardware
  • Low level system architecture
  • High speed connectivity architecture
  • Performance optimization


  • Cavium Octeon III SDK/SimpleExec/Linux training
  • Linux kernel internals and device driver development
  • Embedded system development
  • FreeRTOS internals and device driver development
  • Git training (BitBucket Enterprise, GitHub Enterprise)

PktPump® by Bluehatsoft

PktPump®: A line of high performance network packet generators

Product brief is available here

PktPump is Bluehatsoft's latest line of products that can generate network packets at line speeds aimed at enterprise network testing. PktPump is based on the open source tool Ostinato and Cavium Networks' Liquid IO II Smart NICs

PktPump introduction

This video gives a quick introduction to PktPump

Launching PktPump

This video shows how to launch and configure PktPump to genrate traffic with different sized payloads

PktPump traffic generation @ different rates

This video shows how to use PktPump to generate traffic with different transmission rates

PktPump traffic generation @ 10Gbps transmit and receive

This video shows PktPump's 10Gbps traffic generation (and sink) capabilities with 64 byte payload on both ports

A detailed user guide is available here . For more information, please contact Bluehatsoft Inc

Source code derived from Ostinato can be downloaded from here


Our expertise you can leverage...

Cavium Octeon III/XP80

Xilinx ZynQ

ST Micro uCs

NXP/Kinetis uCs

FreeScale iMX uPs

Broadcom XLP

About Us

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    Starting the company

    Bluehatsoft started around 2012 when Om Narasimhan, our founder and principal engineer (resume), wanted to help small to medium sized companies with Embedded System solutions. From then, we have worked with more than 15 clients and every client was very satisfied with the solutions Bluehatsoft designed and delivered

  • Computer security systems

    Bluehatsoft has worked with some very big (fortune 100) companies, and successfully executed projects powering some of the most complex computer security solutions in the world using some of the most powerful hardware encryption/decryption processors

  • Enterprise network systems

    Bluehatsoft has its own line of products specializing in the Enterprise network systems. We have designed and implemented the data path to attain sustained line speed rates implementing some of the very advanced concepts in firmware design

  • Oil and Natural Gas industry

    Bluehatsoft has designed software and firmware solutions for liquid level measuring systems (SCADA) for OEM manufactures in Oil and Natural Gas arena with an Android front end for easy access

  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical industry

    Bluehatsoft designed a core part of the software/firmware solution that runs a liquid displacement system capable of dispatching liquids in nanoliter scale used by many pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers. Bluehatsoft also worked with companies providing medical diagnostic (soft tissue scanning) devices to medical professionals. Also, we have delivered solutions on FDA approved medical devices used frequently by medical professionals

  • Logistic and Transportation industry

    Bluehatsoft designed and delivered firmware solutions that facilitated real time tracking of containers shipped around the world, with the granularity upto each pallet on the containers, increasing the accuracy of delivery schedule to hours, instead of days

  • Automobiles / Mobility Solutions

    Bluehatsoft designed solutions on some of the electric vehicles' sensor data gather and analysis which helped manufacturers to increase user comfort on various parameters like temperature, acoustics, fault prediction/tolerance, ... etc.

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